Will Global Ferrous Scrap Prices Touch US$ 300/t?

Seaborne scrap prices rise as Blast Furnaces buy more scrap The Price gap between Coking coal and Scrap  are lowest since 2011   Seaborne scrap price continue to rise due to bullish price sentiments prevailing in China, Turkey over rising coking coal


List of Major Scrap Importers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of Asia's leading emerging steel markets and has a growing need for raw materials like Scrap, Pig iron and HBI. Recently scrap imports to Bangladesh have increased significantly. It was observed that Bangladesh has become 8th largest scrap importer


Unfolding Coal Business Opportunities in Bangladesh

Coal has now become a hot commodity in Bangladesh. This emerging South Asian nation is shifting its dependence to coal from natural gas to run its existing and upcoming power plants; thus virtually transforming the country into a hot spot for overseas


Bangladesh – A Land of a Million Opportunities

Bangladesh, with its steady GDP growth rate, is turning heads its way. The country impressively held its ground during the great slowdown of 2009 and maintained its GDP growth when other economies succumbed. Since then, the country hasn’t looked back. Backed by


China Offers Cheap Loans to Bangladesh

China Offers $ 24 Bn Low Interest Loans to Bangladesh; Infrastructure to Get Boost China is set to sign off on loans worth over $24 billion to Bangladesh during President Xi Jinping's visit today, Dhaka's biggest foreign credit line to date that


Bangladesh: Over 2 MnT New Steel Melting Capacities Coming Up

2 million tonnes fresh steel making capacities are coming up in Bangladesh which will significantly increase imports of Scrap, Pig iron and DRI   The steel industry in Bangladesh is currently experiencing an upsurge in demand. This growth is driven mostly by government

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