Will Indian Silico Manganese Export offers fall further?

Will Indian Silico Manganese Exports offers fall further? The present doesn’t look too shiny for Indian Silico Manganese and the future is unpredictable. Low export offers and domestic prices together are giving SiMn market a hard time. As Indian Silico Manganese export


Indian Silico Manganese Export increased by 5.6% in February

Indian Silico Manganese exports in Jan’15 were 58,253 MT which increased in February by 5.6%, summing up to 61,729 MT. In January’15 total export to Japan was 12,878 MT which decreased in February’15 to 9,770 MT. Kolkata port exported 5,293 MT material


Will EU impose Anti-dumping duty on Indian SiMn

European Ferro alloy producers, in November 2014, filed a complaint with the European Union to bring dumping of Silico Manganese from India under investigation. The Union has begun an anti-dumping investigation on imports of SiMn from India and has invited Indian producers

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