Why India Needs an Auto Scrappage Policy?

India is a developing nation which is trying to pave its way in the economical, technology, etc. sectors and has adopted many techniques from other developed countries. One such concept is the vehicle recycling, which is very common in countries like US, Europe, Japan and of course gaining steady popularity in China, Indonesia, Korea, etc.  India is still behind on this and is trying now to adopt and implement this policy.  Scrapping – an unorganized entity in India: So for a long time, the government of India has been trying to draft a policy for the scrapping of older vehicles. Unfortunately, even if it is policy is adopted the old cars that are dumped have no proper or organized procedure in how they are scrapped and this ends up with useful metals being wasted. After scrapping, the metal scrap or plastic or whatever that is generated is handled in a much unorganized manner by the recycling sector that it becomes hard for the government to keep track to put it to good use.  The government has been suggested by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) that every vehicle that is over 15 years has to be scrapped.  The logic behind this being the vehicles over 15 years contribute more to pollution and by giving these up for scrapping it would mean that the owner now has an incentive to purchase a new vehicle and also it is a small measure to control pollution..  Government also benefits from a good name as this will ensure: Reduce pollution:  The pollution can be kept in check; the older vehicles emit more poisonous chemicals and hence contribute to the environmental destruction. If vehicles older than 15 years are scrapped, then pollution can be reduced and


Auto Recycling: Can India Be Next US/Europe/China?

India has always been a decade behind the developed countries USA, China, Europe. Take for instance, the Internet was introduced in US, Europe during the 1980’s but only in 1995 did India get introduced to this concept. Similarly, auto-recylcing has existed for


Toyota Kirloskar Keen to Set up Car recycling facility in India

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM)India, a subsidiary of Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation is exploring opportunities for setting up car recycling business in India. It may set up a vehicle scrapping facility in the country that would undertake scientific scrapping of Toyota vehicles that


Indian Government Drafts Policy For Vehicle Scrapping

Get to know the details of the new Voluntary Vehicle Modernization Program, which is also known as the V-VMP plan of the government that has been drafted by the ministry of road transport and highways. The draft is ready, and the government


Bangladesh Steelmakers Prefer Imported Scrap over Billet

Bangladesh steelmakers are preferring imported scrap over billet due to differential duty structure. Scrap attracts an import duty of BDT 1,500/MT (USD 19/MT). Whereas, billet attracts an import duty of BDT 7,000/MT (USD 90/MT). In the last union budget, Bangladesh government has

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